Hairy Matter

Hairy Matter

Hair possesses power. To attract, repulse, shift focus, mystify, eroticize, provoke, and beautify. It doesn’t take much to perturb the way in which we relate to hair in social contexts. The taboos are thriving and are in many cases unacknowledged.

With this exhibition we wish to present a few examples of how contemporary artists work with hair as a catalyst to accessing intimate spheres and observing sociocultural phenomena. Some of the artists use hair quite literally as a basic material. Others refer to hair’s characteristics, which are expressed using materials as essentially different than hair as porcelain or wood. The exhibiting artists have different geographic and educational backgrounds and will therefore introduce great diversity in approaches, thought processes, design, choice of materials and artistic expression. The exhibition will include a presentation of philosophical reflections on the origins and meanings of human hair.

Participating artists:

Ane Henriksen (DK)

Diane Jacobs (US)

Dorte Kristoffersen (DK)

Émilie Voirin (FR/GB/SE)

Gudjón Ketilsson (IS)

Lore Langendries (BE)

Maria Rucker (DE)

Marianne Nielsen (DK)

Monique Goossens (NL)

Per Ahlmann (DK)

Participating philosopher:

James Giles (CA/GB/DK)

"The Evolutionary Anthropology of Human Hair"

Catalogue ' Hairy Matter'


1. - 29. October, 2016

Opening reception

30. September, 4 -6 pm.

PLADS artspace

Vestergade 62,

DK-8000 Aarhus C

Tuesday - Friday:  1 - 6 pm.

Saturday:  11 am. - 4 .pm.


1. October, 11 am - 5 pm.

LYNfabrikken, HEIMAT studio

Vestergade 49,

DK-8000Aarhus C

Price: 70 kr. incl. lunch&coffee

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